Find your tribe...

We were never meant to go through life alone.  God designed us to be surrounded by others who love and care for us.  At Kindred we call this our tribe.  Finding your tribe takes intentionality, but when you do you’ll be amazed at what God can do in and through you. 

When you find your tribe, you find your destiny.

Our heart is to be a church that looks like Jesus, to find the gold in each other and the community we exist in. Anyone can see the dirt in our lives, but the Holy Spirit gives us prophetic insight to find the gold in one another. We are a church that partners with God to move in his power and see lives transformed, marriages made healthy, people healed, and hearts restored. 

What were you made for?

When we look like Jesus and operate in our gifts, we partner with God in heaven on earth kind of stuff. Kingdom building, earth shattering, life changing, history making stuff. And if the Church doesn't look like that, the Church doesn't look like Jesus. The heartbeat of our church is to look like Jesus.