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We believe that life isn’t meant to be done alone.  It’s impossible to truly be known in a large gathering, so we encourage people to dig deeper with a smaller gathering.  We call these our “Tribes.”  
Tribe are communities of anywhere from 8-20 people who meet at least every other week, sometimes every week, to know each other better as we follow in the footsteps of Jesus together.
A common thread in each of our groups is a time dedicated to growing through God’s Word.  We believe that when we encounter God through the Bible, we better know who God is.  The clearer we see God, the better we can understand his love, his design for our lives, and how to serve others as Jesus did.  Some groups will open the Bible every week, others will be based on a video study, and others are based on Christian books.  You can expect honest discussion from others who are seeking to understand what it means to follow Jesus better.

Our tribes are committed to being


A Place to Belong

We believe that the church is much more than just a gathering on Sunday morning. Tribes allow you to connect with others in a small group setting where you live life together outside the walls of the church building.  


A Place to Grow

We believe that not only are we NOT meant to do life alone, we’re not meant to do this “Jesus-thing” alone. Tribes are a place where we can be surrounded by people who believe the best in us and help us be the best version of ourselves as we follow in the footsteps of Jesus.  


A Place to Learn

We believe that there are enough plastic Christians out there. We commit that our tribes will be places that are filled with people who aren’t perfect, people who are real about where they are, and a place that where we can learn together.


A Place to Pray

We believe that prayer is the lifeline to God. Tribes provide a place for you to pray for others and to be prayed for in a confidential setting. Tribes are groups that regularly seek to walk with God’s Spirit.


A Place to Serve

In the same way that we believe we aren’t meant to live or grow on our own, we believe that we aren’t called to serve alone either. Tribes serve as centers where we can be mobilized to discover our talents and gifts and to do amazing things for God

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