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Up Out & Forward Capital Campaign

a note from pastor rod













At Kindred Church, we see daily how God provides unlimited possibilities for us. At times, we see it coming and other times it takes us by surprise. When we moved into our current facility nearly three  years ago, we had a belief and desire to be in this building for a long time and, hopefully one day, to expand to the other side. Man, it seemed like it was perfect!


And God is now providing one of those surprise possibilities for us. After finding out we are being displaced because our facility is being torn down, we have been looking for a new “home" for Kindred Church. After a lot of discussion and prayer, we decided to pursue buying a building so we can stay in one location.


Yes, the task before us is God-sized, but we have seen time and time again God show up and provide a place for us to fulfill our mission and purpose in the work of the Kingdom of God. Kindred Church is always going to exist to build the kingdom and make disciples.


We are a future generation church. This time in our lives can be a spiritual milestone that can affect the lives of your children, your grandchildren, and beyond. Someday, they can point to this moment in our history and see our faithfulness demonstrating the awesome power of God and the awesome love and generosity of Kindred Church.


Up Out & Forward is a challenge to all of us to walk in faith, see the unseeable, and give with generosity and sacrifice. I am asking you to, first of all, pray for Kindred and for you to be able to see beyond our own limitations so we might see the limitless God we serve. 


Up Out & Forward is an unprecedented opportunity to declare that God is doing mighty things in our life! Join me in prayer and participation in Up Out & Forward. 


Over the coming months there will be opportunities to be involved in what God is doing at Kindred. It is a time to rise and serve a God who is calling us

Up Out & Forward.


Like in all of life there will be times where the enemy will attack you. Commit to lean into God and trust Him as we go Up Out & Forward.


Here you will find a prayer guide that will help lead you to the throne of Christ as we trust Him going

Up Out & Forward.


You have been so faithful to give through tithes and offerings that have supported the ministry of Kindred. Up Out & Forward will require us to sacrifice more to reach what God has laid out before us.


What to expect

Here's what the first 6 weeks of the campaign looks like...

Kickoff Sunday

This will be the introduction to the six-week Up Out & Forward capital campaign. Pastor Rod will share his vision for the growth and direction of Kindred.

Information Sunday

You'll receive printed information regarding the campaign such as prayer guides, reminder cards, commitment cards, etc.

Home Fellowships

Every member will be invited to attend smaller fellowships at different times and locations with Pastor Rod and the elders. More details of goals will be discussed and questions will be answered in these smaller group settings.

Commitment Sunday

Every family will be asked to set aside a specific time to pray and discuss what the Lord would have them do to contribute to this campaign.

Celebration Sunday

The Firstfruits Offering will be collected on this Sunday. We will also announce the total amount committed to the Up Out & Forward capital campaign. This will be a time of celebration as we anticipate the move of God.





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